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can flatten the edge Hackenschmidt launched his professional career in Reval in the Governorate of Estonia and lived most of his life in London, England, where he gained the nickname of "The Russian Lion".[3] He is believed to be the creator of the professional wrestling version of the bear hug as well as the person who popularised the hack squat, a deadlift with arms behind the body.[4] He was known for his impressive strength, fitness and flexibility and, later in life, wrote many books on physical culture, training and philosophy.

Georg Hackenschmidt was born in Dorpat, Governorate of Livonia, p703 on 1 August 1877, where he lived with his parents, Baltic German Georg Friedrich Heinrich Hackenschmidt and Estonian Swede Ida Louise Johansson,[5] and a younger brother and sister. He later admitted that neither of his parents was particularly robust in stature with any unusual physical characteristics, although his maternal grandfather was said to have been a huge and 737786 powerful man.

From his earliest years, Hackenschmidt devoted himself to physical development, 183657 particularly at the Secondary Science School (Realschule of Dorpat, as Tartu was then known), where he took advantage of the gymnasium. He excelled in cycling, gymnastics, swimming, running, jumping and weightlifting.